1960 Agents Group Photo

11 11 2009
1962 C

State Crime Bureau Agents (1960)

This is a photo of agents in 1960 gathered for a group photo. It appears to me this photo was taken on the grounds of the state capitol. My thanks to Charlie Ryan and Ernie Smith for helping to identify these agents. I have divided the photo into smaller sections.

1962 DShown here from left to right: agent Claude Seymour; agent Lee LeFerney, assigned to Elk City; agent Mack Hyde, assigned to eastern Oklahoma; agent Golden Kennedy, Oklahoma City; agent Tollie Bogan (correct spelling unknown); agent Bud Tatum, arson investigator; agent Fred Graves, Oklahoma City.

1962 EShown here from left to right: agent Kyle Moorehead, arson investigator; agent Bill Holt; agent Lyle Smith, assigned to Antlers; agent Ivan Gates, Oklahoma City; agent Earl Sellers; agent Ralph Venamon; agent Don K. Cunningham; agent Vernon Glenn, Vinita; agent Lyle Powell.

1962 FShown here from left to right: director Forrest Castle; unknown; agent Walter Woods, assigned to southern Oklahoma; agent Ernest Lovett, Duncan; accountant Cliff Hirshler; agent Sid Wilson, Ponca City.




2 responses

4 06 2010

My Grandpa is Bud Tatum and I’m very glad to see this photo and learn more about the work he did for the state.

3 01 2017

Tollie Bogan was my grandfather. His name is spelled correctly. Thank you so much for sharing.

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