1962 Gambling Raid

9 12 2010


In December 1962, OSBI Director Ralph Venamon was on business in rural Canadian County east of Mustang. According to Venamon, he decided to pay a visit to the Canadian Club, located on the Canadian/Oklahoma county line and Highway 152.

Venamon Conducts Raid

“The chief of the state crime bureau, probably one of the most well-recognized law enforcement officers in the state, walked into the Canadian Club alone late Monday night, shut down a dice game, took four persons into custody and confiscated a truck – load of gambling equipment.”

“Ralph Venamon said he was on another case in the area of the plush Canadian Club, located about two miles west of Wheatland, in Canadian County. He decided to go in and see if he could find any activity.”

“I walked in there by myself and just caught them off guard,” he said.”

“He said he walked through two doors which are opened electronically, through the main dining and drinking area, into a lounge and then to the gambling room.”

“He said he walked to the dice table where a game was in progress. He said he took $510 from the ‘bank’ and shut down the game. A  card game was going on in another part of the room, he said, but he didn’t know what kind or whether it involved gambling.”

“I visit Mr. Fletcher Handley (club operator) whenever possible” Venamon said with a smile.”




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